how I wish you were here…

Lee J was a guy that loved a party – the friends, the laughter, maybe a prank – and the crazy story that would be remembered by all when it was over. He was never burdened by life, and aloof is the best way to describe his personality, even though that implies that he didn’t care – and those of us that knew Lee J know how deeply he cared. When you think of Lee J, you think of his smile and how he always seemed to have some sort of trick up his sleeve for your amusement.

It is hard to understand the hopelessness that he had to have felt early in the morning of October 27, 2013. In the days following, there would be an outpouring of support from family and friends, and with that came many stories of similar circumstances endured by other families. Suicide is not something that we talk about, nor do we discuss the day to day struggles of anxiety, depression and other mental illness that holds us or those that we love back from living the life that we planned.

Each year, we throw a party to honor this very cool dude! Lee J’s Thing has tried to capture this spirit – an afternoon of fun with family and friends, a little bowling (Lee J participated on the St. John’s Jesuit bowling team), Cincinnati chilli (a favorite of his) and live music played by professionals and budding rock stars (just like Lee J).